ITTM is a consulting trade firm and today we are active in the European, the Middle Eastern and Asian Market. In the near future we will also be operational in South America and Russia.
Need help with developing your business idea? Need help with analyzing and identifying effective overall solutions? We can help you with concept development, IT services, design, logistics and presentations. If you already have a finished product, or service that you want to penetrate the international market – we will help you through our expertise and broad network.

What we can help you with

ITTM offer a wide range of consulting and legal services to all companies that are in a start-up phase or already operational but lack the cutting-edge expertise to transform their operations into an increasingly efficient machinery.
In a world where diseases and pandemics affect business, we help our customers re-evaluate their strategic positions, with the goal of further developing their operational models to improve profitability and achieve sustainable results.


In the world of business you will achive faster results by having a strong network.
Therefore, personal business relationships will make sure that you will save time energy and money in order to get closer your ideal situation. This what what we bring to the table.


If you already have a finished product you would like to introduce in the international market – we will help you through our expertise and broad network.


If you are looking for goods, products to buy or to import, export in your own country, or import it to other relevent markets we will help you finding those products with amazing prices
that makes it hard for you to not choose us as your strategic partner.