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PFE <=95% PA > 80% Filtering Rate: ≥ 95% (0.075 μm particles) Material: Superfine melt blown fiber Scope of application: Suitable for daily protection of PM2.5, micro particles, droplets, epidemics, etc. Folding method: Ordinary folding. Wearing method: Head-mounted. Click below to learn more.


Breathing valve mask helps you feel more comfortable when exhaling. Blocks 95.99% of bacteria, virus, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen and smoke. It is FDA approved (Certificate no. BTK20200210001FDA) and has been certified to be effective and preventative in its use.

It is also approved by EU standards (Certificate no. BTK20200210001PPE). Click below to learn more.


This surgical mask is made of Non-woven, Spunbond Polypropylene. Made of Meltblown as mask filter with 99% Filtration Efficiency (Bacterial, Particle & Viral Filtration Efficiency). Latex and fiberglass free. 3 ply plated design. Odorless, good breathability, comfortable and thick. Click below to learn more.