Benjamin Marjaie – CEO


As a consulting firm we have connections in the European,Middle Eastern and the Asian markets.Infinite Trade focuses on linking buyers and sellers to find profitable agreements to all involved parties.We work with both international and national level companiesand specialize in facilitating international trade. If you look to expand to new markets, we would be the perfect business partnerto collaborate with. We also offer our services as consultants to startups and growing companies. For example, we offer assistance in marketing plans, advertisement, website assistance, SEO, accounting assistance, public relations and most importantly, to help them expand their network.​​

Our vision is to make everything related to trade, logisticsand consulting as simple as possible.The broad network we have gives us confidence and the opportunity to make lucrative propositions.We assist private and public institutions in the developmentand implementation of global strategies.


The firm’s mission is to understand the ideal market for you and integrate your business within that market. We work with you in an advisory-based relationship, seeking to maintain and enhance your international business success. We can introduce your manufacturing products and professional services internationally.


Today, we work with several partners such as the Thai-based Innocentrade Company Limited. A Cosmetics company and manufacturer that operates around the world. Innocentrade has a strong presence in China, India, Cambodia, and now in North America, USA. If you intend to import or export cosmetic products, or perhaps thinking of creating a cosmetics product, do not hesitate to contact us at Infinite Trade and we will help you with that process.

We also work with partners in the healthcare industry. Due to COVID-19, we have invested in networking with people around the world to make sure that everyone can buy facial masks for protecting themselves and their loved ones.

As a trading consulting firm we have large portfolio of products that we are working with. Every product needs to find its place in the market. We do not limit ourselves to one or two ideas. By working smart and with efficiency we make sure we reach our goals.



Healthcare Products