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Great negotiations are based on great collaborations.

Our line of Work

As an international trading firm we can introduce your products or services to various markets and buyers in Europe, Middle East or Asia with efficiency and competent market research. This is possible due to our large network. We can help you to close deals in order to penetrate new markets. We can also find products and services that suits your need to highly profitable prices.

The Services of Infinite Trade

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Our areas of Expertise

Launch Your Product

  • Sales Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • IT Services
  • Packaging & Price
  • Billing & Finance
  • Follow up

Trade Your Product

  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia


Infinite Trade - Background

Infinite Trade is a newly opened joint stock company which is based in Bromma, Sweden. The history behind the firm is to be able to create business opportunities. The business opportunities are for entrepreneurs that want to connect and create new fruitful collaborations, with otherwise unreachable contacts. We have a network that is all around the world, and these connections are very important to have in order  to establish new partnerships that can generate capital. There is a genuine passion to put people together and to explore the potential of each individual. We want to create a constructive platform that attracts like-minded people and by creating the right conditions through collaborations.

What the pandemic made us realize, was that we had worked passively over the years with international companies. We had focused on creating relationships with entrepreneurs and helped them with various issues, all around the world.

We understood that we had a network that we never considered converting into a concrete business opportunity. We began exploiting the potential that we had to our own advantage. Today we are operational and working with a number of different products and services. The ground that we have layed passively over the years, is one of the most important elements that allows us to conduct trading and consulting jobs on a global level.

In 2020, we decided to update and activate our resources with the intention of working full-time with Infinite Trade. We have many advantages, for example our position in relation to a range of products and services at favorable prices. As the majority of our partners are close friends and established companies around the world, we have already created the stage and position that, for many other companies takes years to create.

Today we look forward to invite entrepreneurs, investors, national & international actors, and companies to take part of the opportunities to run joint projects with us.

Infinite Trade - Our Work

Infinite Trade offers consultation jobs and the possiblity to trade various products that we believe is worthy to be marketed to wholesalers or retailers. We are currently busy with the cosmetics market because of our great position and partnership with Innocentrade. We also have other partners but the focus is on the product line called Double Two Double Five – 2255, because of it being very valueble and unique. The reasoning behind this is that we have chosen a product that is putting large emphasis on things we hold very dear, such as the product having all-natural ingredients and cruelty free processed product. In other words, it has not been tested on animals.

On behalf of local, national and international companies, we also have the opportunity to represent the employer for the purpose of purchasing products based on the employer’s specific needs. We can do this at favorable prices that can only be obtained through personal trade relationships.

Infinite Trade - Our Vision and Core Values

Our vision is to facillitate trade, consulting and logistics for our client so it runs smoothly and up to their expectations. We have a broad network that gives us confidence and also great opportunities to make lucrative propositions. What we essentially do is that we help private and public companies to develop and the implementation of global trading and marketing strategies.

We at Infinite Trade work according to the CCCS principle.

  • Consciousness
  • Confidence
  • Consequence
  • Success

The CCCS principle allows us to cultivate the value system and the culture within our company in order to create a work climate that strengthens each individual in their work. It also creates the conditions for us to operate as a strong unit. CCCS was coined and created by our CEO as a reminder to strengthen and also motivate all colleagues in the company.


  • Great negatiation is great collaboration
  • Joint problem-solving
  • Transparency and trust
  • Focus point – Win Win

Infinite Trade - Mission

Our mission is to identify the ideal market for you and integrate your business into that specific niche whether it be products or services. We are operational in number of continents as of today.

Our Partnerships

Today, we work with a number of partners such as the Thai-based Company “Innocentrade, LTD”. They are a Cosmetics company with a new skincare brand called 2255. Innocentrade has a strong presence in China, India, Cambodia, and now they have introduced 2255 to the North American market.

If your wish is to import or export cosmetic products, or if you would like to create a cosmetics product, do not hesitate to contact us at Infinite Trade and we will assist you in that process.

We also have partners in the healthcare industry. Due to COVID-19, we have invested in networking with businesses around the world to make sure that everyone can buy facial masks for protecting themselves and their loved ones.

As a trading consulting firm the portfolio of products that we are working with is impressive. Every product needs to find its place in the market. We do not allow to limit ourselves to one or two ideas. By working strategically and with efficiency we make certain that we reach our goals.

In the Future

Local municipalities in Sweden

In the future we plan to strenghthen our precence in the Swedish market with distribution channels with municipalities and districts. 

Infinite Trade has plans to collaborate with municipalities in the south of Sweden, to create more job opportunities and to expand and develop local business. Infinite Trade wants to help local businesses of southern Sweden to have wider network for potential partnerships.

If you are ready to grow, we can help you find international distributors, agents, retailers or partners. Infinite Trade also assists foreign companies to penetrate the Scandinavian market that seek growth and diversification. The Swedish retail market is an increasingly attractive market for expansion. The annual “Retail Guide” provides you an overview of Sweden and in particular south Sweden and a clear outline of what makes it an excellent location for retail business.

South America and Russia

We are going to expand our network in Russia and South America because of the enormous populations of these regions and that we have a foot into these markets already. For example, we have the licensing agreement to be the sole seller of the 2255 product line in South America and in Russia, our interpersonal connections are growing by the day. 

Charity work

Infinite Trade has the legal services and the competence to drive projects forward but we seek partnerships with investors that share our passion on these subjects. We have a unit that specificly focuses on non-profit projects and charity to help improve the condition of socio-economic vulnerable women in society.

Today’s world has experienced incredible strides forward in combating hunger, ensuring good health, providing access to drinking water and sanitation, offering education, and establishing human rights and dignity. Immense progress has been made in communication technology and scientific innovations. The world has become small and at the same time has grown in ways unimaginable, even in the recent past. However, progress has not been even for all. Deprivation, discrimination, subordination, marginalization, disparity, and unequal social, political, and economic relations among and within countries and regions, cutting across gender, class, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, age and sexuality, persist.

Among all forms of marginalization, gender inequalities (GE) between men and women, and boys and girls demand special attention. Gender disparities are not directly correlated with income poverty. Gender inequalities stem from the household or family — the oldest and most persistent social institutions. Families and households come with a package of material and non-material activities, expectations and ideologies that are rooted in social norms and values, often fuelled by religious norms and sanctions, and a patriarchal mind set — fossilized and rigid, creating unyielding boundaries, and perpetuating and reproducing the same old deeply entrenched rules of the game.

The issue of GE becomes even more important today as we are living through one of the worst economic phases in history due to Covid-19 pandemic. Infinite Trade believes that the impacts of crises are never gender-neutral, and COVID-19 is no exception. For the single mother in the rural areas, COVID-19 lockdown measures have paused her small business, that brings food to the table. For the domestic worker in a developing country, the pandemic has meant no job and no unemployment benefits or other protection. For countless women in economies of every size, along with losing income, unpaid care and domestic work burden has exploded. While everyone is facing unprecedented challenges, women are bearing the brunt of the economic and social fallout of COVID-19. Women who are poor and marginalized face an even higher risk of COVID-19 transmission and fatalities, loss of livelihood, and increased violence. Globally, 70 per cent of health workers and first responders are women, and yet, they are not at par with their male counterparts. At 28 per cent, the gender pay gap in the health sector is higher than the overall gender pay gap (16 per cent).

Given the vast scope of areas where efforts are needed, the ambition of Infinite Trade’s non-profit section focuses on promoting women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and gender equality (GE) through social protection. We believe achieving GE and WEE through social protection programmes is essential not only as a right but also as gateway to realizing broader long-term development goals including education, health, and other social and economic strategies for the women, households, and community at large.